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Remainder of the meetings Tuesday Nov. 25th and Tuesday Dec. 23rd.  @7pm Comsewogue Library

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Join us at the Relay For Life of Port Jeff Station General Interest meeting.

What: General Interest Meeting for Event Leadership

 When: November 18 at 7pm
 Where: Comsewogue High School, GIR room
 Why: To become involved in Relay For Life
 What to bring: Yourself and anyone interested in Relay!

This meeting will cover different roles we need filled to help plan Relay For Life of Port Jeff Station 2015, as well as give you an opportunity to ask questions. We want you there to learn and share your best practices.

If you need to reach us before (or after) the meeting, just contact us at stephanie.molkentin@cancer.org

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Relay For Life of Port Jeff Station Event Leadership Team


November 29th @ 12 Noon



 Dear Sunshine Supporters

Unfortunately a family we work with here at Sunshine is in desperate need of help. This hard working family was robbed while working at a local restaurant they own. The father was badly beaten and all their money and cards were stolen. We want to do everything we can to help both parents and their three young children that were greatly impacted by this tragedy.  We will be accepting donations to SunshineCenter – Memo Family Support.

Besides donations, we would also greatly appreciate cards of hope and inspiration. 

Thank you for your help!!


 Dr. Carol Carter


 Dr. Carol Carter, Ed.D  C.P.P.  Family Specialist

Sunshine Alternative Education & Prevention Center

Building Drug -free & Violence-free Communities




If you are interested in assisting Mr. den Hartog in his Old Town Blooms endeavor, please visit
www.oldtownblooms.com for more information. 

BULB SALE @ Buttercup Dairy

Saturday and Sunday 10/18 and 10/19  9am to 2pm

Support the Blooms!

Civic non support of Heatherwood Golf Course Proposal (click here)

Click here:   Time To Play Foundation

 Port Jefferson Station HUB REPORT ACCEPTED. Click here to view

Keep America Beautiful

DR Rella Speaks out against SED test scores
PJSTCA approves Hope Ministries change of zone request
Kara Hahn sends 7-11 a letter
PJSTCA opposition letter to Brookhaven Town



one two TREE    Street trees are an asset. 

The trees planted at the edge of many of our properties, by the town, or other municipalities, help beautify our hamlet.  They adorn the neighborhood, calm drivers, cool pedestrians, and attract beneficial birds and bees. Cooled, treed neighborhoods have cooled inhabitants!  These trees shade our lawns and help reduce the need for watering.

Tree lined streets increase real estate value.

While these trees grow within the town right-of-way, many of us incorporate them into our landscape plans. 


Our careful treatment of these trees is critical to their survival.  While there is an endless list of suggested practices, the following three points should be remembered. 

One:  Lighten the load:  The overuse of mulch, wood chips, dyed soils, etc., piled high against the base, is destructive. 

Two: No Grassias : Remove dense sod lawns from under trees, which rob nutrients and rain water, from feeder roots.

Tree: Power Down.  Avoid the use of weed whackers and power lawnmowers that beat up the base and bark.

In the attempt to beautify, our best intentions can cause a tree’s demise.  Even ‘professional’ landscapers are guilty of this practice. 

Budgets.   Treat trees correctly:  Dead and dying trees affect our own landscape budget, the town highway department budget, and in many cases, failing street trees come down in storms, causing damage and power outages. 

Remember- One, Two, Tree:   -Lighten the Load, No Grassias, and Power Down.

Use a light touch!

 The most important of these tips, is to lighten the load of wood chips, mulch, and compacted soils against a tree base.

Conical mountains of mulch, etc. invite mold, BUGS, and mildew.  The mold and mildew rot, while those bugs burrow, nest, eat and destroy.

The feeder roots are located further away from the trunk, under the leafy canopy, not at the base of the tree. Too thick mulch prevents water from saturating the feeder roots.

Feeder roots will grow upwards through the layers of mulch, rather than outward.  These roots end up corralling around the base, choking off nutrient flow.

Roots take in and release gases.  Piled up wood chips, mulch, compacted soil, etc. on the roots prevents the exchange of gasses, necessary for survival.
  Clear the way.


 In accordance with the bylaws of the Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association, we are required to amend the bylaws to include the 4th Wednesday as our meeting day in place of the current wording that states that meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Dues are due every January.  If you have not done so, please bring your 10$ to the next meeting.

PO BOX 371
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776